Content – Behavioral Economics

CourseProgram OverviewProfessor/Instructors
Course 0Technological learning tools.JAVIER SANZ
Feb 05 - Feb 11
Course  1BE Fundamentals from Economy and PsychologyKATHERINE FLASCHEN
Feb 2 - Mar 10
Week 1Intro and BE developmentIsaac Lopez
Week 1Khaneman's DualitiesIsaac Lopez
Week 2BE domestic economyIsaac Lopez
Week 2Homo socialis: the environment impactIsaac Lopez
Week 3Decision making. NeuroscienceFernando Gordillo
Week 3Use Case - Game TheoryRafael Lopez
ExtraNeuroeconomicsChristoph Schweighofer
Course 2Biases deep dive and BE MethodologiesLINA DÍAZ
Mar 11 - Apr 7
Week 1Deep dive cognitive Biases IRafael Lopez
Week 1Deep dive cognitive Biases IIRafael Lopez
Week 2BE Project ManagementMercedes Diéguez
Week 2BEE's experimentsJose Vila
Week 3BE research for DesignGuillermo Paris
Week 3Use Case: UX User ExperienceGuillermo Paris
Course 3Applying BE I: Neuromarketing and Neuromanagement experiencesMERCEDES DIÉGUEZ
Apr 08 - May 05
Week1Marketing influence guidelinesJuan de Rus
Week1Value proposition and neuropricingMercedes Dieguez
Week2Behavioral Sales and FunnelJuan de Rus
Week2Use case: H2H Pricing ApproachMercedes Dieguez
Week3Neuromanagement at work forceRosa Garcia
Week3Use Case: Capturing and developing employee talentOscar y Bea
ExtraBehavioral BrandingMercedes Dieguez
Course 4Applying BE II: Behavioral Finance and Conductual GovermentDEBORAH MARTINEZ
May 06 - Jun 02
Week1Behavioral Finance advisoryDiego Valero
Week1Use Case: BBVAAlvaro Gaviño
Week2Behavioral Public PolicyMercedes de Haro
Week2Status Signaling and Consumer BehaviorSmriti Walia
Week3Conductual Behavioral for GoodMercedes de Haro
Week3Use case: Water saving local interventionLina Díaz
Certificate in Behavioral Economics